Josh Nicholas

Atop the hill

Another sunny day near the observatory

Flinders station again

Trying this one again

Coffee shop sketching

Gloomy day today

Hands are hard

Need to come up with a way of practicing drawing hands

Another sunny sketch

First sunny sketch in Melbourne is of Flinders station

New art space

New apartment has a whole corner just for my art stuff! First painting

Now some trees

I always avoid trees and cut them out of my drawings for some reason. But playing with ink seems to agree with them

Solar powered drawing

Had to stop as soon as the sun went behind the building. Starting to realise I’m solar powered.

Goodbye Taylor Square

Another sunny day

Final weekend before moving away. Had to sketch the Sydney Opera House.

Some more blending

Really enjoying this new medium’s combination of scribbly and blendy

Non waterproof inks

This is way more fun than contouring

Someone got styled

(It’s not me)

Another quick coffee

Some Saturday reads

Watching some tv

A basketball man

Got some brunch

Needed to get some Surry Hills experiences in before I move

Lunchtime sketches #1

At the dog park

Out of ink

Ran out of ink halfway through scribbling this morning!

Grabbing a drink

An empty building

Been walking past this place for more than a year. Someone make it a restaurant so I can go inside!

More Rocks drawings

Another sunny day

Sketching round Surry

Bit cartoony but also nice to get out in the sun