Josh Nicholas

Some changing leaves

Quick painting sesh before work :)

Red blue person

This new primary set mixes some nice purples/greys. I think it’s staining my palette, though.

Quick morning sketch

Just a few more days with this view every morning

Lips are hard

Not as bad as hands, though.

Practicing still lifes

Using it up

Some quick head studies to try use up this damn burnt sienna.

Paper is buckling

I should probably buy some better stuff when this runs out. Screwed up the eyebrows coz it buckled and slid 😅

Too much grey

Accidentally bought two tubes of grey paint instead of a blue and grey 😅 gonna be a lot of greyscale in my future

Fineliner and charcoal

First time mixing these two mediums. Charcoal really makes it easy to add tone. Probably needed to go darker, though.


Practicing some line

Need watercolour paper

Trying to use up an old visual art diary but can’t work wet in wet 🤔

Pot plantsss

By the beach

Searching for a 300 page book just on how to draw hands

Benny’s review of King Arthur

Got some charcoals :)

Don’t know about these new water brushes

Chinese youth are…. tanking?…

Work work work

Started scribbling again

Cat! 🇱🇰✏️

I’ll sing you a song a song of the sea 🎶🇬🇧✏️

Back in London for a few days ✏️🇬🇧

🤔 ✏️🇭🇺